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HR Strategy Development and Branding

Your brand is much more than your logo or letterhead. It’s the spirit that permeates throughout your organization and reaches every area of your business – from product development to leadership, from public perception to business objectives, from community involvement to Human Resources practices. Your people build your brand.

Some may consider HR a department that disseminates benefit information or processes new hire paperwork. But, the truth is, HR is the fulcrum of your brand promise. It sets the tone of your culture and provides your employees with a sense of pride to be a part of your organization. BRYAH HR Strategies examines your HR’s current practices and matches them against your business objectives to ensure cohesion.

Case Study: HR Strategy Development and Branding

* Please note that in keeping with BRYAH’s privacy policy agreements, the organizations used as case study examples will remain anonymous.*

The continuing success of a national holding company for a regional financial services organization with more than 30 domestic locations is predicated on its leaders’ abilities to reinvent and fortify the organization with new ideas and strategies. That was the philosophy that led to a strategy realignment that would move the company’s primary focus off of product development and onto client needs. The objective of the strategy was to provide the company’s associates with a broader base of knowledge regarding products and services. Better equipped, associates would then be able to fulfill the new business strategy’s ultimate goal of establishing and growing long–term client relationships that would encompass every area of the business – insurance, credit, loans, accounts, and mutual funds. To achieve its objective, the company organized its business plan into five key areas: strategy – a focus on client intimacy, structure, process/systems, people, and culture.

BRYAH HR Strategies worked with corporate leaders to operationalize the business strategy by defining an HR strategy that would match. In each of the five key areas, BRYAH offered a series of HR solutions that would help the company achieve its objectives.

BRYAH’s contribution included organizational design, selection processes such as interviewing, performance management techniques to assess values and competencies, learning and development approaches, leadership development programs, total rewards strategies, HR policies, and cultural change innovations. With a proactive, well–defined HR strategy and structure in place, their business strategy is consistently realized.

Today, the company is enjoying improved working relationships, increased bench strength in each its geographic locations, growing acquisition targets, and strong financial results.