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Organization Effectiveness

Realizing your mission relies on an effective business strategy and an organizational structure that is agile enough to reach your goals. Successful organizational structure allows your business to meet current challenges and take advantage of future opportunities.

Your business strategy directs your approach, while your organization structure puts your people in action. If behaviors, practices, or strategies are out of sync with your mission, success is slow and may be elusive. BRYAH HR Strategies can help you cultivate the behaviors and business practices that enable you to fulfill your organization’s mission.

Case Study: Organization Effectiveness

* Please note that in keeping with BRYAH’s privacy policy agreements, the organizations used as case study examples will remain anonymous.*

The new Human Resources leader of an international food product company took the reins after the position had been vacant for more than half a year. The new leader was faced with a number of challenges including an undefined HR strategy, misaligned HR priorities in comparison to the company’s business strategy, and a department with a suffering reputation among the members of the larger organization. In order to create an HR strategy that aligned with the business strategy, implement an HR structure to put the strategy into action, and to develop the HR staff to become a high–performing work team, the new leader called on BRYAH HR Strategies.

BRYAH developed and implemented a plan that first incorporated a needs assessment. This included a leader assimilation process that resulted in a sound understanding of expectations and operating styles among the leadership team. Second, BRYAH implemented an HR organization review. BRYAH assessed the importance and effectiveness of HR activities and services and determined how resources were allocated from HR’s perspective. In addition, user surveys uncovered the importance, awareness, usage, and effectiveness of HR activities and services from the larger employee base perspective.

BRYAH then delivered a data analysis and summary report to the new HR leader. This report set the foundation for an action plan that enabled the company to create a new HR delivery model that aligned HR activities and services with their corporate strategy and goals. Some of the tactics put in place were:

  1. A pipeline for high quality talent
  2. A unified corporate culture that incorporated consistent policies and practices
  3. Improved capacity and efficiency that eliminated waste and improved forecasting and planning
  4. A collaborative spirit that was driven from the top down.